AstranaCare Partners of Texas

In 2023, AstranaCare Partners of Texas acquired assets of Texas Independent Providers, LLC (TIP) to expand its Care Partners business into Houston. We are energized by the warm welcome from our Texas provider community and excited at the opportunity to partner with practices to help serve Texan communities.  We are a network of independent doctors (IPA) headquartered in Houston, dedicated to better care and access to services for all patients at a lower cost through technology tools and collaboration. Our mission is to leverage our existing relationships and experience in other states to bring further value to independent physicians, including technology platforms that relieves administrative burden and cost to the provider’s office.

AstranaCare Partners of Texas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Astrana Health, headquartered in Alhambra, CA, which was founded by physicians 30 years ago and is still run by physicians today.  As a public company, all of our financial and company information is made available for you to have full transparency on how we operate and where our priorities are.

With existing relationships amongst most of the top health plans as well as budding connections with local/regional plans, our goal is to take full delegation along with total cost of care risk (global risk) in 2024 with the majority of our partners.  To do that, we are building a robust network of high-quality physicians to create a system of care for our members.  If you’d like to join our network, please reach out to us under Providers, at Become an Astrana Care Partner.

We are dedicated to providing the members that are entrusted to us from our health plan partners the very best care possible from the community providers that understand their needs.

We are currently contracted with the following health plans:

  • Aetna MA Plans (HMO and PPO)
  • Amerigroup/Wellpoint MA Plans
  • Cigna MA Plans
  • Humana MA Plans (PPO)
  • Wellcare MA Plans
  • Texan Plus MA Plans (FFS)
  • Ambetter Health (all lines of business, including their highly sought-after Value plan) – a Marketplace (Obamacare) insurance plan