Our Care Model

From primary to multi-specialty care, we help you access it all

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Primary Care

We prioritize delivering comprehensive primary care services to manage overall well-being and common medical conditions.

Preventative Care

We take a proactive approach, emphasizing preventative care measures to detect and address health issues early on for optimal patient well-being.

Integration with Specialist Care

We excel in integrating primary care with specialized services to provide patients with a well-coordinated and comprehensive healthcare experience.

Culturally Aligned Care Team

Our culturally diverse care team collaborates effectively, embracing cultural considerations to ensure personalized and inclusive patient care.

Access to Supercenters

We ensure convenience with accessible healthcare supercenters, offering a wide array of services under one roof to meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Access to AstranaCare Clinics

Our localized clinics bring specialized medical attention closer to communities, providing convenient access to high-quality healthcare services for all.