Astrana Health is a forward-thinking team of physician-led innovators with a strong foundation of physician empowerment, committed to enhancing physician work satisfaction and repairing the healthcare system. Our core mission revolves around understanding local healthcare dynamics and passionately serving diverse and underserved populations. We empower entrepreneurial providers to offer the highest quality care to patients through value-based care arrangements and our comprehensive technology and solutions platform.


Astrana Health is reshaping healthcare by fostering empathetic and culturally aligned care that addresses the full context of health, in real-time, for all people. As a value-based care organization, our purpose remains to provide all patients with high quality, coordinated care at a lower cost by incentivizing our independent providers based on quality outcomes.


Put Patients First

We are here because of our patients. We strive to deliver a full spectrum of empathetic care designed around the physical, social and cultural context of our patients’ health.

Empower Entrepreneurial Provider & Care Teams

We provide above and beyond service to our physicians and care teams, meeting providers where they are on their path to value-based care. Our goal is to empower physician autonomy and incentivize our entrepreneurial providers to achieve quality care performance.

Operate With Integrity & Excellence

Every employee at all levels – whether an individual contributor or a people leader – must demand the highest standards for both themselves and their teams.

Be Innovative

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, stagnation is not an option. As healthcare pioneers, we recognize the need for continuous innovation and improvement to prioritize the well-being of our diverse and underserved populations.

Work As One Team

We are united as one team, working towards our shared mission, culture, and goals. Our team includes not only our employees, but also our patients, providers, and care partners.

Healing Healthcare

ApolloMed and Network Medical Management have been rebranded as Astrana Health as of February 26, 2024 to represent our drive for a visionary, empathetic healthcare future designed for all people.

Astrana refers to a “collection of stars,” which represents not only our independent providers that we are binding together into coordinated, high quality, and high value networks, but also our stellar employees, who will make it possible for us to build this vision together and reach for the stars. Astrana represents our journey and our future. Astrana represents our founding physicians, each of them a star, allying together to form a shining constellation greater than the sum of each part. Astrana represents our star teammates – Astranauts – working side by side to bring our vision to life. Astrana represents our entrepreneurial providers – stars – today and in the future, who we will organize and empower into high-quality, high-value networks – constellations – that will serve tens of millions.

Our teams empower and weave our star providers into bright constellations – networks that deliver high-quality, accessible, and coordinated patient-centric care.

We’re Using Innovation to Mend a Broken Industry

Astrana Health is a physician-centric, technology-powered, risk-bearing healthcare company. Leveraging our proprietary end-to-end technology solutions, we operate an integrated healthcare delivery platform that enables providers to successfully participate in value-based care arrangements. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurial providers with the tools to deliver a higher level of care to our underserved patients in a cost-effective way, which we have done successfully for 35+ years.

Why do we do what we do?

The Current State of Healthcare:

  • Insufficient/costly access to quality care
  • Poor provider and patient satisfaction
  • Limited technology solutions and coordinated care

Underserved & Overwhelmed Patients:

Medicare and Medicaid patients often seek to prioritize their health but lack faith in the healthcare system. When navigating a complicated healthcare system with limited access to quality, they often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and disengaged.

  • Being healthy and having a good quality of life is important to them
  • Patients want to be on top of their health needs but getting to see a doctor feels challenging
  • The healthcare experience feels transactional and doesn’t have patients’ best interests in mind
  • May have looming concerns about their health but feel like they don’t have the right support from the healthcare system to address it